A Place To Grow Milo Graduates Accomplish the Mission

July 01, 2006 | Carol Sumerlin

Academic excellence. Christlike character. A safe, nurturing environment. These are the things that the 2006 graduates of Milo Adventist Academy have found here.

Forty-six students received diplomas May 27; 78 percent of the class graduated with honors. Twelve earned enriched diplomas, which means taking extra courses in the area of enrichment while maintaining a GPA of 3.5+ in those subjects. Three of these, Katie Currier, Neil Patel, and Justin Woods, earned GPAs of over 4.0 while earning enriched diplomas in three areas.

In addition to academic excellence, Milo is known for its family atmosphere. Eleven of the original 17 freshmen in the class of 2006 graduated this year. Students attribute this staying power to the safe, nurturing climate. Colin Gladden says, "Milo's best thing is its overall school family. We bond amazingly well spiritually and emotionally. I can talk to anyone about anything and they will listen to me. I also know that I can openly show my faith in God and be supported."

That spiritual atmosphere is one of the most common reasons why students choose to attend Milo. Alyssa Jameson describes it this way: "I want a life that is focused on God, and Milo provides that throughout every aspect of my life, whether it be friends, sports, academics, or otherwise."

Another student, Lacey Leidig, gives this summary: "Milo has the perfect balance of guidance and freedom needed to develop the kind of person who will succeed in a career, home life, and a walk with God."