Trust Services and Estate Planning Expands Services

Trust Services and Estate Planning has arranged with three law firms who specialize in advanced estate planning to offer additional services to clients in Washington Conference.

“We have recognized the need for more expertise in advanced estate planning,” said David Wolkwitz, Washington Conference Trust Services and Estate Planning director. “No estate is too complex.”

“We have personally interviewed these three law firms,” Wolkwitz reassured, saying the firms each offer a different focus to meet different needs.

Other service expansions, said trust officer Dennis Carlson, include the development of a secure Web site specific to Trust Services with information, planning calculators, tax law information, e-newsletters and more.

“This keeps us better connected to clients and helps us develop new clients as well,” said Gaylene Wolkwitz, trust officer. “We are looking to open the door to more age groups.”

The integration of technology with estate planning is driven by baby boomers reaching retirement age and researching estate plans on the Internet. The expanded services offered by the Washington Conference Trust Services and Estate Planning will help take the department to a higher level of professionalism.

June 01, 2006 / Washington Conference

Washington Conference trust officers with Heidi Martella