TIPS FOR AUTHORS What Kind of News Stories Are the GLEANER Editors Looking for?

We are particularly looking for:

• Stories of things your church is doing that give ideas for other Northwest churches to try for reaching out to your community and to your own members to help improve their lives and relationships with Jesus.

• Conversion stories that focus on relationships: How did the individual hear of the Adventist church, why was someone attracted to the church and who encouraged him or her to become a member? Avoid just listing each person in a group that was baptized, with a paragraph about each one.

• Stories that support Adventist Christian education at all levels.

• Stewardship stories that illustrate the blessings that result from trusting every aspect of one's life to God. These stories might deal with Sabbath-keeping, health, relationships, tithing, freedom from addiction or many other topics.

• Stories of evangelism focusing on people rather than numbers, and on the active involvement of the church members.

In addition to the above stories we will publish news stories of archival importance: church or school groundbreakings, dedications, anniversaries, etc.

With each story, try to provide at least one high-quality photograph—either print or digital. Every photo must be accompanied by a complete sentence caption identifying the people and/or describing what’s happening in the photo. The file size of digital JPG photos should be at least 1 megabyte in order to have a publishable-size image.

We do not publish: poetry; animal stories (unless they fit one of the criteria listed above); personal life stories; photos with brief photo captions listing all the people in a group that were recently baptized, without any conversion stories.

June 01, 2006 / Tips for Authors