New Pastor at MEA Church

Last fall, Mt. Ellis Academy Church welcomed a new pastor. Douglas Elsey, a native of Hampshire, London, transferred from California where he was the senior pastor of the Yucaipa Church. Elsey is also the academy chaplain.

Elsey has three goals for the church: to involve the youth in ministry, to surround students with mature Christian adults that model their faith and minister to them, and to realize a community dream of building an academy church. “I believe that Jesus is coming back. I can’t think of anything better to do than to be building a church when He comes back and giving children an opportunity to minister for Him,” said Elsey.

The academy church has warmly welcomed him into the area. “He’s very easy to talk to, and it seems like he really wants to be involved with the kids,” said Heather Wilbur, MEA senior.

Elsey’s adjustment from California to Montana has been easy. “I feel like I’m getting old, because I don’t miss the big city like I thought I would. I enjoy the laid-back atmosphere, the wildlife, the countryside—even though it’s cold, I enjoy the sunshine. The only thing I don’t enjoy is the fear of hitting a deer,” said Elsey.

Elsey, along with his wife, Cherri (Trea), have two children: Marcus, 6, and Lyndsey, 3.

June 01, 2006 / Montana Conference