Miracle Money Helps Man Fulfill Pledge to Positive Life Radio

Opening the morning mail for KEEH radio station revealed an unusually fat envelope. After finding more than $300 in 5- 10- and 20-dollar bills I called the donor to make sure he had not sent his bank deposit money to the station by mistake. The conversation revealed a heartwarming miracle story.

The young man on the other end of the line said that he had made a pledge a few months ago to Positive Life Radio. At the time he did not know how he would pay it and so he left the matter in God’s hands. Then a few days ago, a young lady handed him an envelope full of money. She said, “You have ministered to me about God and I want you to have this.” Her stash of cash along with this young man’s small check covered his pledge.

He praises God for working this miracle for him so he could honor his pledge. And he hopes his story will give hope to those who want to do something great for God but don’t have the necessary funds. God honored his heartfelt desire to give and worked a miracle. And God can do this over and over again.