The Georgia Howard Story

June 01, 2006 | Sharron Rudig

A little more than two years ago the Lord impressed Richard and Sharron Rudig to start a Bible school in Libby, Mont. With the approval of the Libby Church and its pastor, Donavan Kack, the Rudigs sent an invitation letter to all the residents of Northwest Montana.

More than 150 people responded to this initial invitation to study God’s Word and enrolled in the Bible-based correspondence school. One of those who responded was Georgia Howard. She immediately began to study, completing almost one study guide per week. When she had completed all 26 guides, Sharron Rudig and Donavan Kack visited Howard to deliver her well-earned diploma and to give her an invitation to visit the church.

Howard greeted Rudig and Kack at her bottom doorstep, accepted the diploma, and said how much she had enjoyed the lessons but turned down the invitation to visit the local church and didn’t allow her visitors to come in.

Howard then enrolled in the Focus on Prophecy course on the study of Daniel and Revelation and kept the same interest as she had done with the previous studies.

When Rudig and Kack visited her again, she was delighted to receive her diploma, but again didn't invite them into her home. She then enrolled in the advanced studies God Cares, a more in-depth study of Daniel and Revelation. During this time she was regularly visited by Rudig, the pastor and other local church members but still no one was invited to come inside.

At the beginning of March, the Libby church participated in the satellite series Revelation Speaks Peace—Unlocking the Signs presented by Shawn Boonstra. A friend of Howard’s, Carol Deary, invited her to attend the meetings. Howard did attend the meetings and when the invitation was given to join the church she responded and, despite a fear of water, was baptized. She is attending church faithfully and is now enrolled in yet another Bible correspondence study program. And she welcomes her new church family into her home.