100 Years of Service 100 Years of Blessings at Meadow Glade

Meadow Glade Church celebrated its centennial during the morning church service on Sabbath, March 18, 2006, with Jan Paulsen, General Conference president, as the special guest speaker.

In the foyer was a display prepared by Jan Jorgenson, volunteer church historian, of old photographs as well as extensive family trees of the charter members. Jorgenson shared stories about the church’s founding families. Other stories were also told during the church service—stories of resourcefulness from using wooden crates to make maple syrup to using chewing gum to fill nail holes in the floor boards.

During his sermon Paulsen spoke about the importance of not only looking back but also looking forward. “As a people we have always remembered, but we always live in anticipation for the future,” Paulsen said. “Living in anticipation will always mean living in mission.”

In 1903, John R. Clark transferred a piece of land to the Western Washington Conference. By 1905 a school building was built on this property, and in 1906, a second building was constructed. It was in this second building where the 13 charter members of the Meadow Glade Church began to meet for services.

The land where the current church building stands was donated in 1946 by Joseph E. Preston, with the dedication ceremony taking place in 1949. And in 2005, the multimillion-dollar renovation project was completed, adding 19,000 square feet to the existing 72,000 square-foot structure.

Today, the Meadow Glade Church actively ministers in its community through worship services, community service, children’s and youth ministries, and small groups. For more information about the church, visit www.MeadowGlade.com.

June 01, 2006 / Oregon Conference