Tips for Authors What Kind of NEWS Stories Are the GLEANER Editors Looking For?


— Share ideas and methods for outreach and nurture that other churches can try.

— Inspire church members to reach out to their friends, neighbors and family members in a way that attracts them to Jesus and His remnant church—conversion stories.

— Illustrate the blessings that result from trusting one’s entire life to God—health, relationships, Sabbath-keeping, freedom from addiction, financial management and many other topics.

— Demonstrate the benefits of a Christian education.

— Show the different kinds of evangelism that can occur when someone who needs the gospel meets someone who has the gospel.

— Make groundbreaking, dedication, anniversary and other church milestones interesting to church members all over the Northwest—people who won’t know each individual mentioned in the story or care about all the minor details. Focus on the big picture.

— Include high-quality photographs accompanied by captions that identify the people or describe the action in complete sentences. See the GLEANER Guidelines at for details on how to submit prints or digital photos.

After you’ve included the “Who? What? Where? When? Why? and How?” and your story is of interest to a wide audience, you will have written a successful story.

FOR GleanerNOW! ONLINE: News stories that—

— Are submitted within two weeks of the time the event occurred or while the event is occurring (like during mission trips) or is going to take place. It's easy to submit stories online or by e-mail.

— Help folks across the Northwest picture the event or trip as though they were on location with the group.

— Include a digital photo that illustrates the main point of the story, along with a full-sentence caption describing the action and introducing the recognizable people that are pictured (from left).

May 01, 2006 / Tips for Authors