Parousia Company Forms in Auburn

Washington Conference welcomed the Russian-Ukrainian Parousia group in Auburn, Wash., as a recognized company on March 18.

“There are many people in this Auburn community of every nation, tongue and people,” said John Freedman, Washington Conference president, during the church service. “I’m proud of this church. You could have stayed secure at Auburn City [Church]. But you have stepped out as your own church. We need more churches like this one in the Puget Sound area so we can witness to everyone that God is love.”

In the 1990s, many Adventist families immigrated to the United States from Russia, and several started worshiping at the Auburn City Church.

Auburn City members welcomed these families with open arms, and soon after, through the leadership of their pastoral couple, Roland and Leslie Lehnhoff, they began offering Russian translation for services.

Under the loving care of the City Church and pastor Victor Krushenitskiy, attendance steadily grew to 100 people. As the growth continued, additional services began and plans formed for a new Russian-speaking company.

"I don't speak two or three languages like some of you do," said Doug Bing, Washington Conference vice president for administration, in welcoming the congregation into a conference-wide family of nearly 20,000 members. "You have a unique choice. Yet I challenge you to be a light to the world in speaking the Christian language."

May 01, 2006 / Washington Conference

Doug Bing and Heidi Martella, Washington Conference communication intern