Columbia Gorge Church Moves to Larger Facility

May 01, 2006 | Rhonda Reedy

When Columbia Gorge Church (Troutdale, Ore.) members had to scurry to place more chairs in a sanctuary where 50 people are a crowd, it was time to evaluate their options and seek God's guidance.

A local Sunday-keeping church sent an encouraging postcard to the Columbia Gorge Church every so often, saying that they were praying for the Adventist congregation.

Recently Columbia Gorge head elder Dana Reedy called the other pastor to thank him for his church's prayers. The pastor questioned Reedy about Columbia Gorge's prayer needs, and the issue of a crowded facility came up. The other pastor said that his church's leadership was open to the idea of leasing space to the Columbia Gorge congregation.

Reedy had been praying for a sanctuary that would hold 80–100 people. When God answers He often provides more than we ask for, and so Columbia Gorge Church has moved to 27938 S.E. Stark St. in Troutdale, a church that holds 120 people! Members are now praying for more people to fill the church and are trusting that God will more than fulfill that need as well.

Besides the timely church move, Columbia Gorge has also welcomed a new pastor, Monte Robison. God is truly giving Columbia Gorge a new start, a new vision and a new work.