TIPS FOR AUTHORS How to Write the Church’s Name

Authors may have some questions about how the name of the church should be used in press releases for public media versus stories for the GLEANER, after reading the Did You Know? page in this issue.

When writing for your local public media always give the full name of your church in the first mention, for example: the Greenlake Seventh-day Adventist Church in Seattle. Then, in subsequent mentions in the same story you may refer to it as the Greenlake Church or the Adventist Church (never the Greenlake SDA Church).

On the other hand, the GLEANER editors (and readers) assume all churches mentioned in GLEANER stories are Seventh-day Adventist churches unless stated otherwise, so it is unnecessary to continually spell that out. However, because the magazine is read by members throughout the Northwest, authors need to make it clear to the readers where the church is located. Be especially careful about this if you write from the Idaho, Upper Columbia or Oregon Conference whose territory covers more than one state. For example: the LifeSource Community Church in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, and the Pendleton (Ore.) Church are both in the Upper Columbia Conference, while the La Grande (Ore.) Church is in the Idaho Conference and the Orchards Church in Vancouver, Wash., is in the Oregon Conference.

The editors appreciate it when authors identify from what conference they’re writing (after the byline) so they can be sure to get the story in the proper section of the GLEANER. Including a daytime phone number and an e-mail address also makes it easier to obtain or clarify information.

April 01, 2006 / Tips for Authors