Students Portray Bible Characters For Mt. Ellis Week of Prayer

Every facet of the Mt. Ellis Academy Student Week of Prayer in February, from music to speaking on "What Jesus Means to Me," was produced through the hard work of students. The meetings, which were held every evening, drew many people from the community.

The week began with an inspirational sermon by Scott Norton, who spoke as John the Beloved telling what Jesus meant to him personally.

The next night Paul Curtis spoke as the biblical Paul. As the week progressed, attendees gained insight from the blind man (by Johnson Turner), Pontius Pilate (by Matt Ransom) and Mary Magdelene (by Beth Jutzy).

During the Sabbath church service, Anjii Pineda, speaking as Martha, gave a heartwarming talk about the importance of giving your all to Jesus, not being distracted by trivial things, and making Jesus mean everything to you.

Throughout the week, many views of what Jesus means to people were expressed. The view that was expressed the most, though, was that Jesus is constant—He is there for you no matter in what capacity you are seeking Him.

April 01, 2006 / Montana Conference