Shopping for a Church? Try the Mall!

Are you shopping for a new church? Are you looking for a church that emphasizes outreach? Are you trying to find that church that fits just right? Then come and see what you find at the Parkcenter Mall. Yes, a mall!

The Boise East Adventist Church, organized on Feb. 4, is one of about 10 tenants in the Parkcenter Mall.

Most of the members are involved with in-home Bible studies through the Discover Bible School program. The church sponsored a vegetarian cooking seminar last spring and currently hosts Bible study meetings each Tuesday evening featuring Doug Batchelor's Revive '05! program.

This church also participated in The Appearing with Shawn Boonstra last fall, and members were pleasantly surprised by the attendance of the community. They are also involved in the Unlocking the Signs series that began March 10.

This church longs to share the light of Jesus with the people on the eastern side of Boise. Boise East Church members are excited to see who and how many seekers He will bring to the Unlocking the Signs evangelistic outreach series, and the next outreach, and the next series and the next.

April 01, 2006 / Idaho Conference