SAGE Ministers Abroad and at Home

Nearly 50 SAGE (Seniors in Action for God with Excellence) members ventured to Kenya in early January to provide medical and dental care for more than 1,000 patients, build and furnish a church in seven days, conduct evangelistic and children’s meetings, and visit a wild animal park.

“We were there to build another church for God’s children,” explained Al Griffone, of the Arlington Church, in a report. “In this primitive area with no electricity or running water, we used irregular-shaped, sun-baked clay bricks and mortar made with sand, dirt and rocks from the Mara River.”

Evangelism also formed an important part of the Kenya trip. As a result of sharing the Gospel message at three sites, 62 Maasai affirmed their decision for Jesus Christ through baptism. This is the largest number of Maasai to be baptized at one time, leaders said.

As the Kenya group returned, another group departed to conduct an evangelistic series in Ghana, during which more than 460 people were baptized.

“Our members came back absolutely aglow,” said Bob Grady, Washington SAGE director. “They felt good about making this contribution to God’s work.”

The ministry continued back home when SAGE officers decided to move the banquet venue from a hotel to the Kirkland (Wash.) Church fellowship hall. The savings from this decision allowed SAGE to present at check for $3,500 to Impact, the Puget Sound Adventist Academy chorale.

A full mission trip report and a selection of photographs are available at

April 01, 2006 / Washington Conference

Heidi Martella, Washington Conference communication intern