PAA Students Collect Food for PACS

April 01, 2006 | Heather Fowler

Students at Portland Adventist Academy took action when Portland Adventist Community Services (PACS), an Adventist organization dedicated to providing emergency food and needed services for the poor, came to PAA stating that their shelves were empty. Teams were arranged by classes to collect as much food as possible in only two days. The outcome was phenomenal: 5,700 cans.

Student leaders boldly came forward throughout the school. Senior team leader Jeff Terroros created fliers that he delivered to homes on his paper route. He then coordinated with Baja Fresh for a PACS fund raiser. “It felt so good to help out,” Terroros stated.

Senior class president Alicia Cruz also got to work. “I wanted to step up and help people realize what a great cause this really is,” she explained.

Leadership certainly runs in the Terroros family, as Jeff’s younger brother, Chris, led the freshman class to raise just 10 cans shy of the senior class total. “I felt that if we could just work together as a class, we could really do something to help,” he said.