Mt. Ellis Academy Food Fair Brings the World to Montana

This year’s annual Mt. Ellis International Food Fair was an event like none other. Delicatessens featuring food from across the globe graced the academy gym, each corner of which was decorated as a different cultural paradise.

The freshmen ran the Unburger Shack, which was stocked with good, old-fashioned vegeburgers and pies for sale. The sophomore class operated a Mexican fiesta where people could indulge in horchata [rice water] and enchiladas.

Others spiced up their night with curries and fried vegetables inspired by India and prepared by the juniors. Another fun twist was the chocolate fountain, which was a big hit that night.

The juniors also supervised the kids in a giant, inflatable castle.

The senior class spread out an Italian feast, including spaghetti, crepes and Italian sodas. Most of the senior guys sported big, black, fake moustaches that recalled old Italian charm.

Each class kept the proceeds from their efforts. Guests also benefitted, as the fair proved to be a great way to be immersed in different cultures and experience new tastes while meeting new people and enjoying old friends.

April 01, 2006 / Montana Conference