Livingstone Students Hold Evangelistic Series

"I’ve learned that anyone can be a leader,” Mark Jones relayed. “If I am doing something to glorify God, He will multiply it in quality.”

Jones was one of four Livingstone Adventist Academy students who spoke for an evangelistic series on biblical prophecy held at the Salem, Ore., school every evening from Feb. 26–Mar. 3. “I was very nervous at first,” said Jones, a Livingstone senior. “I knew the only way this would work was if God performed a miracle. Afterward…I knew God had worked, and that work was through me.”

The idea for the series was hatched by Shane Akerman, senior and student body president, who has wanted to have a student-led series at Livingstone for several years. “We need to realize that the Bible and Bible prophecy aren’t just for older people," said Akerman, who preached for two of the meetings. "Prophecy is very relevant to our age group.”

Michael Padilla, a senior, also spoke for the meetings.

“I think it’s awesome,” said Vanessa Cutz, a junior who spoke for one of the meetings. “If students can preach like that now, when they’re older their preaching will be even more powerful.”

“I really was impressed,” agreed Whitney Beddoe, also a junior. "[Prophecy is] sometimes a difficult subject to understand, so it’s cool when people my age can do such a good job.”

April 01, 2006 / Oregon Conference