Church Under the Pines A Spokane Youth Ministry

Youth from Spokane-area churches convened at Dishman Hills Natural Area last August for "Church Under the Pines,” which was organized by the Spokane Central Church youth and collegiates. It was an opportunity to worship and fellowship with other local youth during a morning of music, outdoor activities and a powerful message.

Heather Gately, a Spokane Central youth leader at the time, presented a mysterious locked box, claiming that its contents had something to do with a plan God has for us. In order to unlock the "plan," Gately sent the youth on a quest, armed with a compass and a Bible. Each youth used the compass to follow a trail of clues, all pertaining to promises and plans God has given us.

At the completion, each group found a key and unlocked the box, which contained many small, round mirrors. As each attendee received a mirror, Steve Terry, a Spokane Central youth leader, explained how the mirror can be used to reflect light into the darkest of places. Likewise, he reminded the youth, we are instructed to reflect the Son's light into the spiritually dark places of this world.

Larry Heihn, JoySpring Church member in Spokane, presented the feature message, comparing our spiritual journey to the life of eagles. Heihn challenged the youth to dive out of complacency and pursue intentional spiritual growth.

The setting was beautiful, the content was uplifting, and the Holy Spirit was present.

April 01, 2006 / Upper Columbia Conference