The Spirit of Giving

The Gladstone Park Church gave to hurricane Rita victims at Thanksgiving and to Salvation Army's needy children for Christmas.

Fifty-five Thanksgiving baskets were given out to families whose names were supplied by local area schools. The baskets were put together by church members Saturday evening, Nov. 19, and given out the next day at the Adventist Community Services center.

One family of 11, who was displaced by hurricane Rita in Mississippi, received baskets of non-perishable food items. The father of the family said, "Our family is very thankful that your church was able to help us out at this time."

Laura Simpson, a local church member who coordinated the assembly of the Thanksgiving baskets, also contacted the Salvation Army to send a representative to the church on Sabbath, Dec. 3, to explain how the Angel Tree helps needy children.

"A tree is decorated with tags that give children's names, ages, and gifts they wish for Christmas," said Major Betsy Kyle, Salvation Army tree coordinator. "We are appreciative for your members who take these tags and go out and purchase gifts and place them under the tree.

"Then we take your unwrapped gifts to the places where these needy children live and give them hope in the Lord. God bless you, and I'll be sure to come back next year."

February 01, 2006 / Oregon Conference