Short-Term Missions

Short-term mission trips provide opportunities for many people to make service a part of their lives. People may journey to countries outside the borders of North America or stay closer to their homes. These trips are often life-changing events for the travelers as well as the people who receive a new church or school, see a physician or are invited to accept the saving grace of Jesus.

The spirit of volunteerism is alive in the hearts of Northwest Adventists. Students from our schools go on trips as do members of our churches. Organizations such as SAGE and Maranatha Volunteers International sponsor many building and evangelistic journeys. Below is a sampling of how many volunteers traveled and where they went during 2005.

Maranatha Volunteers International

Approximately 3,000 volunteers from across North America went on various projects to Canada, Cuba, El Salvador, Honduras, India, Mexico, Peru and the United States.


45 to Peru

50 to four week-long work bees at Sunset Lake Camp, Auburn Academy and Poulsbo Adventist School.

Walla Walla College

196 students served in Pohnapei, Thailand, Costa Rica, Denmark, India, Ecuador, Korea, Guatemala and Palau.

The following numbers are for students only:

Auburn Adventist Academy

18 to Philippines

57 to Peru

4 to Pohnapei

13 to Mississippi

Columbia Adventist Academy

20 to Appalachia

2 to Thailand

6 to Gamble/Savonga, Alaska

2 to Peru.

Gem State Academy

20 to Encinada, Mexico

13 to Waveland, Mississippi

Livingstone Adventist Academy

18 students and staff to Wapato Indian Reservation in Washington

2 to Peru

Milo Academy

40 to Acapulco, Mexico

49 to Bluefield, Nicaragua

Mt. Ellis Academy

35 to Guachochi, Mexico

Portland Adventist Academy

15 to Iquitos, Peru

4 to Thailand

4 to India

15 to Pipeline (Portland, Oregon)

10 to Holbrook Indian School

8 to Fiji (Noeoquest)

Puget Sound Adventist Academy

34 to Waveland, Mississippi

Upper Columbia Academy

41 to Borneo

6 to El Salvador

5 to Africa

Walla Walla Valley Academy

6 to Guatemala

10 to Africa

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