Health Lectures at Tacoma Korean Lead to 10 Bible studies

Health lectures at Tacoma Korean Church served as the gateway to Bible studies for 10 people. The week-long evangelistic series in early December 2005 featured Sang-Ku Lee, health specialist and international speaker.

“The human body cells respond to the will of the owner,” Lee said. “Each cell needs a spark (power) to ignite the consumption of nutrition to generate energy (like burning of gasoline in a car engine), and that power is the ‘breath of God.’” This “breath of God,” Lee explained, is available through love, hope, peace, beauty, goodness, truth, and faith.

The meetings attracted 60 to 100 non-members, with more than 60 people attending at least four times. A five-minute Bible study preceded each main lecture. Ten people are now continuing Bible studies.

We are very thankful for God’s blessing in spite of many adverse elements. All of us are encouraged by the successful series and more committed than ever to evangelism.

February 01, 2006 / Washington Conference