General Youth Conference A Pastor's Perspective

As a pastor and teacher of Seventh-day Adventist youth, I have never experienced anything like the General Youth Conference. Anticipated attendance was around 2,000. Sabbath’s attendance of close to 4,000 people was only one of countless blessings we experienced.

Each day in small-group seminars and plenary programs, we were challenged to exemplify the unique people God has called to preach present truth in these end times. Repeatedly, we were reminded and encouraged that “Now Is the Time” to be the army of young people that will carry the three angels’ messages to every nation, tribe, language, and people.

From nothing more and nothing less than the Spirit of God and the power of His Word, our young people, along with literally hundreds of other Adventist youth, committed themselves to preaching evangelistic series in their local churches and schools. I am more convinced than ever before that Jesus is coming soon, and that Seventh-day Adventist young people will have a leading role in finishing the work.

February 01, 2006 / Idaho Conference