A Stroke of Bad Luck Leads to Baptism

Several years ago, Russell Engle had a stroke and became dependent on his wife’s care. Frustrated with his new limitations, Engle was bored. His wife, Sybil, had a friend come in to help her take care of Russell, and she suggested Sybil take Russell to the adult care center at Medford's Providence Hospital. Russell loved it and continued to go two or three times a week.

While there, Russell met Gary Soderlind, a care-giver at Providence, and his wife Pauline. They soon became good friends. In the course of their many friendly conversations, the Soderlinds learned that Sybil had attended Rogue River Junior Academy in Medford when she was 16. When the Soderlinds learned that bit of information, they asked the Engles if they would be interested in studying the Bible together, and the Engles agreed. After many months of studying together and praying together, their friendship deepened and Sybil decided to reaffirm her commitment to the Lord by being baptized, and Russell joined her with a decision to commit his life to the Lord.

Since Russell had to be lowered into the baptistry in his wheelchair, the couple decided to have a private baptism on Saturday evening, Aug. 27, at the Valley View Church, Medford, Ore., with Pastor Jim Berglund officiating.

They were received into membership the following Sabbath, Sept. 3, and introduced to the whole Valley View Church family.

December 01, 2005 / Oregon Conference