Preaching Children

Every Wednesday during the month of April at the Yakima, Wash., Willow Adventist Hispanic Church, our prayer and evangelistic meetings were led by children. These children preached God’s Word with an enthusiasm that amazed our members.

“We were able to envision the future of our church in the hands of our brave children,” exclaimed some of the parents and members of our church.

Titled “The Seven Words of Jesus,” this series marked the first time that children have preached in our church. It took great effort and bravery for the children to go to the pulpit and preach the Word of God in front of an audience.

This series of meetings was part of a training program for missionary leaders—both adults and children—in our church. Today, with the help of each parent and the local pastor, there are already five preachers and eight deacons at the Willow and Three Angel’s churches, and all of them are younger than 15 years old.

November 01, 2005 / Upper Columbia Conference