My Summertime Project

Last May, my family received a video from Maranatha on the work that’s being done in India. People there have so little, and we have so much, but take it for granted. While we were watching the video, a little voice came inside of me that said, “Help the people in India, help the people in India.”

After the video, I told my mom I needed to find a way to help the people in India. She suggested that I start raising money for a church. I decided to give $30, which was most of my savings. I asked other people to match me. I wrote a letter and sent it to the people on our family Christmas letter list, asking them for donations. When I received a donation, I sent a thank-you card and a tax-deductible receipt. (My mom is the church treasurer).

One Sabbath during mission time, I got up and asked people in our small, mission-minded Delta Junction Church to donate. Every once in a while I got up in church to tell them how close we were to our goal.

In three months, we had reached our goal and collected $5,000, which was enough to build a small church in India. I would like to challenge other 10-year-olds to do the same or get together with your Sabbath School class or your school and raise even more. $11,000 can build a large church in India.

Maranatha has their $10 church program. Our family gives to it each month. I like to call this the $30 church.

November 01, 2005 / Alaska Conference