Couple Finds Acceptance and Love in the Butte Church

Ed Tysko surveyed the tattooed man, adorned with dreadlocks.

“So you need some work?”

“Y-y-yes,” the man nervously stuttered, “I sure do.”

“What’s your name, son,” sighed Tysko, as he contemplated the dilapidated camper this fellow temporarily called home.

“Tate Ferda,” he replied. “We’re wanting the money to move b-b-back to Great Falls.”

“Great Falls!” exclaimed Tysko. “Are you a westside Ferda?”

As Ferda nodded, Tysko asked names of parents and grandparents. Discovery after discovery! Ferda’s grandfather had saved Tysko’s life when Tysko was just a kid. They had mutual friends, neighbors, acquaintances.

“Well, kid,” Tysko paused, “come on over. I could use a good carpenter.”

The weeks passed. Ferda did good work. The friendship grew. Ferda and his wife, Debbie, were invited to share Ed and Marty’s home and their church.

Tysko helped Ferda get his contractor’s license and a place to live. Marty taught culinary arts, gave household hints, and shopped sales racks and thrift stores. They saw to it that Debbie received the medical care she needed. But most of all, they loved and accepted Debbie and Tate.

The first Sabbath they came to church, we all loved them. It’s been about a year since they first came. Now they are well-loved members of the Butte Church—miracles of love and grace.

November 01, 2005 / Montana Conference

Ron Dorchuck, Butte Church pastor