Christmas Brunch a Sabbath School Outreach

I have to admit that I was a bit reluctant to plan a Christmas brunch instead of having a regular Sabbath School. But now, I feel very secure and I am anxious to do it again.

Last Christmas, the Eastgate Sabbath School decided to reach out to missing members, friends and neighbors by inviting them to a Christmas brunch at the church. The Sabbath School classes contributed fruit, festive breads, and hot and cold drinks. A Tater Tot casserole was catered by a local hospital. Tables were decorated with seasonal decorations, and the church youth served the guests.

As people arrived at 9:30 a.m., they went directly to the brunch. After the brunch, the group went quietly to the sanctuary for a program presented by the children’s divisions. Many of our non-attending members were present, and the church was crowded. This was one of the best outreach activities our church has participated in.

November 01, 2005 / Upper Columbia Conference