Winlock on the Move

What happens when a small church seeks to be empowered by the Holy Spirit? Ask anyone at the Winlock Church. The church is situated on 14 beautiful acres of land overlooking SR 306 just north of Winlock, Wash. The Winlock Church awakened to the simple realization that it must become significant in the community or just fade away. This wonderful small, but very willing congregation set to praying and seeking the Lord’s will for their lives and their community outreach.

One of the first ideas was to create a spiritually committed, Christ-centered attitude. Then WIN (Winlock Institute for Newness) was started. This health series is held at the first of each year, starting in January and continuing through April. The third idea was to host an environmentally sound summer camp meeting. This was to give visitors a chance to commune with God and grow spiritually in the beauty of the Winlock Church's natural surroundings.

The first two years, a huge tent was rented to meet in. Now a new log lodge is being built that will serve as a meeting place for the church's many different programs. Students at Mission Creek School blazed paths through the trees and created Scripture walks that include topics such as salvation, prayer, forgiveness and heaven.

This year's camp meeting featured Joe Pearles, concert artist from Tennessee, and speakers David Wolkwitz, Washington Conference trust services director; Dan Bender, Rocky Mountain district pastor; Hal Gates, Winlock Church pastor; and Doug Bing, Washington Conference vice president. More than 200 people attended this special event.

October 01, 2005 / Washington Conference