Who's New at Milo? Milo Welcomes Its New Staff Members

Milo Adventist Academy welcomes Edwin and Stephanie Johnson from Campion Academy in Colorado. Edwin teaches English and global studies and has already brightened the campus with his dry humor. Stephanie is the new guidance counselor and teaches Bible, servant leadership, and communications for ministry. Stephanie is in charge of the Student Esteem Program (StEP), which is the model for Milo’s REACH program. She has already created a student-friendly atmosphere in the student center.

Ofa Tupou comes to Milo from Southwestern Adventist University where she just graduated with a degree in religion and office administration. Arriving only days before registration, she quickly and cheerfully plunged into her job as administrative secretary, attendance officer, and Bible teacher.

Milo has three new task force workers for this year. Melissa Rau, the assistant girls' dean, comes from Walla Walla College where she is a senior. While growing up in Walla Walla, she developed interests in working with people and singing. Last year Melissa taught music in grades 1–8 at Valley Christian School in Washington state. She is using her musical talents again this year as Milo’s choir teacher.

Daniel Cress, our assistant boys' dean from Virginia Beach, Va., comes from Union College where he is a senior studying physical education. Daniel, who enjoys sports and outdoor recreation, is the sponsor for the skating and mountain biking clubs and the assistant soccer coach. He is also actively involved in the Christian outreach program and intermurals.

Chris Droze, of Phoenix, Ariz., is the task force worker for StEP. He comes from Union College where he is a senior business administration/pre-dental major. Chris enjoys athletics and outdoor recreation and is assisting Coach Lambie with the sports program. What a blessing to have these new staff members devoting their energies to the students at Milo Academy!

October 01, 2005 / Oregon Conference