Walla Walla Valley Academy Expands Its Curriculum

During the new school year, Walla Walla Valley Academy (WWVA) is expanding its curriculum in the English, math and science departments. The added courses will help "cover a full spectrum of student needs," says Jim Eiseman, vice principal for academics. A total of 12 new classes will be offered, and some of the older classes will receive new formats.

The math department will add Advanced Placement Calculus to their varied selection, which already includes Pre-Algebra, Algebras I and II, Geometry, Advanced Data Algebra, Pre-Calculus and Consumer Math.

The science department will add four new classes: Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology, Introduction to Marine Biology, Earth Science, and FAST, a new freshman science class. These classes will supplement the current science curriculum of Biology I and II, Physics, Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, and Environmental Science.

"I'm really excited," says Gail Redberg, WWVA science teacher. "These are topics students have expressed an interest in and are ones that I enjoy teaching. I want to provide students with a broader horizon."

The English department will add Shakespearean Literature, Bible as Literature, Themes in Literature, Northwest Authors and Young Adult Literature. These courses will add to the existing classes of Writing 101, English I, American Literature, British Literature, World Literature, Public Speaking, Drama Literature, Advanced Placement Literature and Advanced Placement Language.

Introduction to Sociology will also be offered for the first time this year, and will be taught by Celina Veverka, WWVA counselor. "In this class, students discuss controversial issues and topics, develop critical-thinking skills, and practice tolerance of differing viewpoints," explains Veverka.

These exciting new options will help maintain WWVA's tradition of academic excellence.

October 01, 2005 / Upper Columbia Conference