TurningPoint Celebrates Second Anniversary

The first Sabbath of 2005 was TurningPoint Adventist Community Church's second anniversary. Members celebrated with a weekend of prayer and thanksgiving.

Sabbath morning's service included an inspiring message by Jared Spano, youth pastor, about taking time with God. Anne Lamberton shared a special feature reviewing the history of how TurningPoint started with prayer. After caroling one night, a group of people prayed for God to reveal His will about whether they should plant another church in the Roseburg community, reaching more people for Jesus. The next day they received an Adventist Review with an editorial and six pages about church planting. After much prayer, planning and God's leading they did plant a church and the rest is history.

Following a fellowship meal, Lisa Marie Buster, Christian recording artist and TurningPoint member, gave a powerful message about submitting human will to the will of God and retaining that first love. Participants then joined break-out groups to pray with each other.

TurningPoint meets on Sabbath mornings at 10 a.m. in the Roseburg Junior Academy gym. Worship is followed by classes at 11:15 and a fellowship meal every Sabbath. Always thrilled to welcome visitors, TurningPoint members enjoy sharing their gift of hospitality. While many in this body are not yet baptized members, the vision of TurningPoint is to be connected to Jesus through living faith, loving service and sharing hope.

October 01, 2005 / Oregon Conference