Prayers and Hard Work Rejuvenate Federal Way Church

October 01, 2005 | Isabelle Page

For six months, the Federal Way Church was without a pastor. Regularly attending members gathered after services to pray for a new leader, pray for the church, and pray for former and current members and their families. Four months later in answer to prayer, Federal Way was blessed with a leader who shared their same passionate vision.

Since Marvin Humbert's arrival, Federal Way Church members have been very busy. The church was in need of some major repairs, so a redecorating committee was appointed to review the structural and aesthetic needs of the church building and its surrounding property. The list of critical and urgent repair needs was several pages long. It took several work-bees to repair the roof and overhang leaks, power wash the building and sidewalks, weed and trim bushes in the garden areas, fix lighting inside and out, paint the interior, replace the foyer carpet and an assortment of other tasks before the April homecoming celebration.

Homecoming Sabbath, April 23, was a beautiful day of rejoicing with former and non-attending members. June brought several Youth Challenge members to Federal Way to reach into the local community. As of July 9, more than 60 homes had received Bible studies—just that previous week! The next week, Vacation Bible School opened up another opportunity to reach the young community children

As a result of all these events, church membership is on the rise. We praise God for answering our prayers.