Nampa Church Goes Outdoors

More than 50 children, sporting biblical costumes, enjoyed a week at the Jerusalem Market Place Vacation Bible School, presented by the Nampa Church Aug. 1–6.

Many of the children were non-church members and had a wonderful time learning the songs; being divided into various Hebrew “tribes;” participating in marketplace activities like pottery making, herb preparation, weaving and carpentry; and learning what it was like to live in Jesus’ day.

The program concluded on Sabbath, Aug. 6, at the church’s annual Praise in the Park celebration. “With constant tragedies in the news since 9/11, we wanted to do something tangible to offer solace and comfort to our neighbors,” said Ervin Furne, pastor. “The idea of turning the church inside out … worshiping God without walls by conducting an outdoor praise and worship service, seemed a good way to do this.”

More than 200 worshipers, church members and community members, attended the service, which was followed by a potluck dinner.

Randy Maxwell, worship committee member and church elder, said, “We have so much to share and rejoice about every Sabbath, but if we don’t find creative ways to share what we have with our neighbors, we will become irrelevant in the community.”

October 01, 2005 / Idaho Conference