How Can We Help?

Information about a disaster such as Hurricane Katrina develops so rapidly that a monthly magazine cannot print relevant news in a timely manner. That is why the GLEANER developed the GleanerNOW! Web site—to provide a place where our members can go to find:

• Breaking news and information,

• Ideas about how we can help most effectively,

• News about how churches, schools, groups and individuals in the Northwest are responding, and

• Precautions that should be taken by volunteers.

Go to to see what's happening from day to day.

Adventist Community Services

The question on everyone’s mind in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina that has devastated our Southern coastal states, is, “How can we help?” If you would like to help support the work of ACS immediately, you may donate online at

You will also find on that ACS Web site:

• A List of appropriate items to donate,

• Numbers to call if you wish to volunteer to help, and

• Locations where donated items may be delivered or shipped (There is no pick-up service available.).

Hope TV Helping Adventist Churches and Schools

While funds donated to ACS must be used to help anyone who needs help, the Hope TV Channel (the Adventist Church channel) is airing special broadcasts to help raise funds to aid in the rebuilding of Adventist churches and schools in the Gulf States and Arkansas-Louisiana conferences. You’ll find their broadcast schedule and streaming video of the broadcasts on their Web site at

Help Rebuild Adventist Institutions

The North Pacific Union Conference Executive Committee has voted to request all Northwest churches to take a special offering Sabbath, November 26, that will be designated specifically to help rebuild Adventist churches and institutions in the devestated area.

Keep Up with Northwest Adventist Response

Northwest ACS leaders, pastors, volunteers who have been there, and leaders of groups who are collecting needed supplies or finding other ways to help are urged to submit a story and photo to GleanerNOW! for immediate publication online.

Please limit story length to 350 words, and include a high-res illustrative photo (JPG format) with a descriptive, full-sentence caption. The same guidelines apply to these stories as to the GLEANER print edition.

Go to and click on Contributor Information to see how to submit your story and photo online.

Or send your story with a photo attached (not embedded in the message) to

October 01, 2005 / Did You Know?