The Gift of Life Mount Ellis Academy Hosts Blood Drive

Emily McFadden, a senior at Mount Ellis Academy, donated blood along with her schoolmates on Wednesday, March 30. MEA hosted a blood drive with the American Red Cross at the MEA gym. Faculty, students, MEA parents, and local-area businesspeople donated time and blood to help the Red Cross.

“My grandmother died recently, and her life was extended because of people who donated blood. It made me want to help someone else,” McFadden said. She was really nervous about donating because she is uncomfortable around needles, but afterwards she realized how little it hurt and how much good she could do easily.

MEA was honored to play a part to help save lives and plans to continue hosting the blood drive in the future. “I encourage everyone that can donate blood to do it. It feels so good to help people,” said Megan Dale, a junior at MEA. Dale was one of several MEA students that walked the streets of downtown Bozeman recruiting potential donors from the local businesses. The event brought the community together in service at MEA.

September 01, 2005 / Montana Conference