Cave Junction Man Discovers Revelation Speaks Hope

August 01, 2005 | Patty Hyland

Revelation Speaks Hope with Steve Cook, Oregon Conference evangelist, brought a certain ring of hope into the life of a Cave Junction diamond in the rough, John Bazen.

Watching Better Life Television, beamed from Eight Dollar Mountain near Cave Junction, convinced Bazen that the seventh day, Saturday, is God's holy Sabbath.

Jasper Sossong, an active layman in the Cave Junction Church, gave him the book, Daniel and the Revelation, which peaked his interest in biblical history. Don Lovejoy, another active layman in the Gospel Workers at Cave Junction Church, started Bible studies with Bazen. Miquel Vasquez, who was recently baptized, also studied with Bazen by offering him the Amazing Facts Bible study guides. Bazen's inquisitive mind devoured the Bible studies and additional books offered to him. And when the Sabbath was presented by evangelist Steve Cook, Bazen appeared early at the church the very next Sabbath morning.

Cook and his wife, along with Verne Hyland, church pastor, conducted smoking cessation meetings the hour before each evangelistic meeting. Bazen quit cold turkey the very first session. Others experienced victory later.

Bazen requested baptism at the conclusion of the evangelistic meetings and Hyland baptized him Sabbath, May 21. Now he is joyfully sharing his faith with others.