WWVA Students Pursue "Truth, Honor and Loyalty"

Walla Walla Valley Academy’s (WWVA) school song opens with a pastoral vision of this academy, located “where the Blue Mountains rise to meet the skies, hills and valleys of green make a paradise." Additional lines extol not only the crops grown in this valley but also those standards that its students would emulate.

Though this song was written many years ago, today’s students, who have the privilege of attending WWVA, continue to pursue “truth, honor and loyalty” in their daily quest of gaining heavenly wisdom along with earthly knowledge.

Combining these two elements provides the solid foundation on which future decisions—attending college, choosing a career, and finding a life partner—can be made.

WWVA students participate in student life in many ways: praying as a group around the flagpole, being in a music group, playing on a varsity team, working for a teacher, taking a second year of Latin or welding, performing with the drama team, leading out with campus ministries, or getting involved in local and distant mission trips.

Entering our 120th year of educating youth in this valley, thousands of graduates, "tho’ scattered they may be over land and sea," acknowledge the influence this academy has had on their lives.

Until the Lord comes, WWVA students will continue to find both heavenly wisdom and earthly knowledge at "Oh, Walla Walla! Dear Walla Walla!"

For a bulletin or more information concerning Walla Walla Valley Academy, contact the principal, John M. Deming, at demijo@wwva.org; or write to 300 S.W. Academy Way, College Place, WA 99324.