Salmon Students Help Community in Unique Ways

God brought the Salmon (Idaho) Adventist School some unique and meaningful ways to be involved in their community this year.

A local historical site, the Sacajawea Center, grows a community garden each summer. This year the students raised the seedlings that would later be transplanted into the garden. They mixed the soil, planted the seeds, and watered the seedlings every day as they sprouted in the greenhouse.

Another opportunity to serve came when Councilwoman Susan Schaffner asked the students to refinish the weathered benches and picnic tables at the local "Kid's Park." Students from first through sixth grade learned how to sand with the grain and slap on some dark stain.

When the students were asked to participate in a rally recognizing the needs of children, they and their teacher discussed what children’s real needs are. At the rally the students held signs they had painted with slogans such as “Have you taught your child to read … the Bible?” “What a child needs most is … Jesus!” and “I need to trust somebody. … In God I trust.”

After all, could there be a better way to address the real needs of children than to introduce them to Jesus in a Christian school?

July 01, 2005 / Idaho Conference