Quiz Questions

The teachers profiled on pages 7–9 wrote these questions. Questions 1–5 and 11–15 come from first- through third-grade classes. Questions 6–10 come from academy Bible classes. Can you answer them? Check your answers on page??.

1. Where is the smallest bone found in your body?

2. Name the seven Central American countries in order from north to south (think BiG HEN CoP).

3. What are the scientific names for your collarbone, fingers/toes and kneecap?

4. What were the names of Jesus' disciples (think two Ps, two Ts, four Js and BAMS)?

5. Name the nine planets of our solar system (sing "My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizza-pies" to the tune of "Swanee River").

6. What might account for the change of animals in the visions of Daniel 7 and 8?

7. Give one example of the introductory vision of Jesus being used somewhere else in the book of Revelation.

8. Besides Hebrew, part of the book of Daniel is written in:

a. Greek

b. Latin

c. Aramaic

d. Persian

9. The basic problem Paul was dealing with in Romans 14 was:

a. diet

b. worship days

c. judging others

d. animal rights

10. In Revelation 6, the people are afraid of the wrath of:

a. a lamb

b. a great red dragon

c. an angry God

d. their principal

11. How fast does light travel?

12. True or false: We can never see something as it really is. We only see the light reflected from it, and even that is upside down.

13. Name, in order, the seven colors in a spectrum of light.

14. Without ______ we would see no color.

15. Some light rays bend when they move from one transparent material to another. This bending is called _____________.

July 01, 2005 / Did You Know?