Milo Students Serve in Mexico

July 01, 2005 | Daneal Reedy

Milo Academy students, staff and parents wanted to do all they could for the people of Acapulco, Mexico, on their mission trip during spring break. So they accepted a big challenge: operate a medical clinic, conduct an evangelistic series, hold a Vacation Bible School and finish building a school. Doctors Rick and Kay Henderson and Mario Celaya, along with nurses Cheri Roth and Helen Witherspoon, held medical clinics.

One day, Kay Henderson and Helen Witherspoon were met by a mother with her very ill son, Christian. They soon learned that he had many health issues, and his mother had no money for medical help. This touched Henderson's and Witherspoon's hearts so much that they wanted to do something for this family. Celaya arranged for some free medical tests to be done and invited them to the evening meetings.

His mother enjoyed the evangelistic meetings, themed “Our Hope is Jesus,” and Christian went to Vacation Bible School. A group of students led out in the song service every night while the Spanish-speaking students translated for the rest of the group.

Another goal for the 65-member group was to help finish construction of the Adventist school. New toilets were bought, and the walls were mudded and painted. Everyone worked together to help build cement beams for the uncompleted third floor.

Although many got sunburned and some got blisters, everyone was happy with the results. Milo Academy blessed many lives in Mexico, but the greatest blessing was the joy of service the mission trip participants received.