Homeschoolers Spark Growth at Small School

For the second year, Cedarhome Christian School (Stanwood, Wash.) teacher Sherri Seibold opened her classroom on Friday mornings to a homeschool extension program. Now attendance is steadily increasing at the school.

Cedarhome Christian School (CCS) had been challenged with diminishing attendance over the past few years. There were, however, many homeschoolers in the immediate area, so Seibold decided to experiment with a program that would allow homeschoolers and CCS students to work together on elective subjects, field trips and outreach projects.

Right from the start, attendance doubled on Fridays. Halfway into the year, two of the homeschool students became full-time students. Next fall, another two will attend full-time. Several other homeschoolers in the community are also interested in the program.

For more information about the program, contact Sherri Seibold at (360) 629-5340.

July 01, 2005 / Washington Conference