Central Valley Students Raise Funds for ADRA

July 01, 2005 | Lisa Sheldrake

I was sorting mail yet again when I came across a letter from the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA). I opened the letter to find statistics and facts that made the hair on my arms stand on end. Were other people really reading what ADRA was crying out for, or were they simply scooping the letter up with the daily junk mail?

I decided to see what my fifth- and sixth-grade students at Central Valley Christian School (CVCS) would propose that we could do about this problem. They always have great ideas!

Dick Hall, a devoted ADRA missionary who can’t seem to retire, visited our class and showed personal videos of ADRA's work. My students were horrified at the living conditions of others but hoped that someone could help.

After much discussion, Hall challenged my students to try and raise money for ADRA, which was offering a four-to-one matching grant. Hall promised to match whatever we raised, and then we would get ADRA’s offer on top of that! My students were excited, to say the least!

Beaded key chains became the means for raising money. We hoped to raise $20, but after only a few weeks, we raised $100!

I hesitantly called Hall because I was sure he wouldn’t expect to have to match that much. Without reservation, he matched the full amount.

My students felt so good that they were a part of raising $800 for children in need.