CCA Develops New Touring Group

July 01, 2005 | Mark Witas

At the beginning of the 2004–05 school year, CCA’s choral director, Dan Kravig, and Vicki Downer, drama director, decided to combine their programs in a unique way. Instead of teaching separate disciplines, why not combine efforts to create a group that could tour churches and schools?

After meeting on a retreat at the beginning of the year, the students from choir and drama decided that combining disciplines would be a great thing for both them and the school. In the process, the students chose a new name for their group: 5 More Minutes. One student said, “Jesus is coming back soon. We should be ready whether He comes back 50 years from now or in five more minutes.”

As a result, 5 More Minutes has blessed several schools and churches in the North Pacific Union. Also, the fall and spring drama presentations were musicals. The first was entitled Humbug! (with apologies to Charles Dickens), a spin on the classic A Christmas Carol. In this presentation, Scrooge is led by the Spirit of Christmas to witness the young people in his town praying for him and his attitude. As a result, Scrooge is converted and becomes a believer.

This spring, 5 More Minutes performed a musical version of Robin Hood. Two crowded audiences enjoyed amazing performances by CCA actors and singers.