Alaska Students Meet in Anchorage for Track and Field

On a cool Thursday near the end of the school year, 70 students from four of Alaska’s seven Adventist schools assembled at the Wendler Middle School track for a day of traditional track and field events under the direction of Zach Pratt, Anchorage Jr. Academy's (AJA) physical education teacher.

“It was really cool to meet with a bunch of kids from other schools around Alaska,” remarked one student.

“It was great that we had a decent running surface,” said Ellen Robertus, AJA principal. “It was inspiring to see the students encouraging everyone, not just the winners.”

"My daughter would tell me every day about this upcoming event, the training that they were doing, such as running back and forth to the zoo attempting to beat Mr. Pratt,” one mom shared. “She was excited to do track and field at a school set up for this event. Her excitement rubbed off on me, so I made it a point to attend the event this year. I was very impressed by all of the work that was put into this event.”

When Juneau and Sitka teachers Nickie Linder and Cindy Patten asked Robertus last fall for ideas for their annual educational trip, Robertus eagerly invited them to join AJA’s annual track and field day. Because Juneau and Sitka are isolated from the road system, the students spent several months planning and raising money for airline tickets so that they could participate.

July 01, 2005 / Alaska Conference