Mat-Su Signing Choir Produces DVD

When the 31-member Mat-Su Signing Choir, directed by Dorothy Johnson and composed of students from Matanuska Valley Adventist School and homeschoolers, performed for camp meeting last June, the emotive appeal of the young people using the American Sign Language to “speak” the words to songs such as "Bow the Knee" brought tears to more than one person’s eyes. Several attendees suggested that the students should have a professional DVD produced so that others could enjoy the experience

Work on a DVD began last July. Proceeds from the expected sales of the 30-minute, seven-song DVD at the next camp meeting will be used to fund a scholarship program for choir members at the church school.

The five-and-a-half-hour professional recording session took place in November at dotCONNproductions in Wasilla, Alaska. The three camera operators and production manager were deeply moved by the students’ performance; so much so that the choir was not charged for the three additional hours of studio time beyond what was originally contracted. The disk includes music sung by MVAS teacher, Laurie Cummings, and a former student, Jason Brady.

“The songs were selected to touch the heart and to remind the kids of God's great love for each individual. It is my hope,” stated Dorothy Johnson, “that when life gets tough for each of these kids, they will remember the words to these songs and remember that God truly loves us.”

June 01, 2005 / Alaska Conference