Lents Church Holds Youth Festival

June 01, 2005 | Wilma Luizzi

Youth and youth leaders from Lents Church, in the Portland area, offered a community outreach program Nov. 12 and 13. The youth festival, held in the newly completed Lents Activity Center, was designed for youth evangelism. The consequences of drug and alcohol abuse were discussed. Victory in Jesus and the importance of making right choices were emphasized. Testimonies by Matt Becker and Lents Church member Rossilyn Cress revealed how God had impacted their lives, bringing victory over seemingly impossible situations.

John and Carol Singletary were guest speakers for the weekend event. Singer evangelist Michael Harris inspired the youth with testimony and song.

A panel including Paul Cole, Lents Church pastor; John and Carol Singletary and Zach Burke answered questions submitted by participating youth.

Volleyball, basketball and delicious snacks completed the last evening of the inspirational activity-packed weekend.