Adventist Soloist Performs with the Seattle Philharmonic Orchestra

June 01, 2005 | Roy Naden

When Denice Dameron walked onto the Meany Hall stage on the campus of the University of Washington, there was enthusiastic applause. The house was nicely filled, and Adventists from a number of Seattle-area churches were present, including her daughter Kamila, cellist, and son Benjamin, classical guitarist. They had all come to support the musician they greatly appreciate, one whose mission is to share the love of Jesus through her beautiful piano playing and soprano voice.

Dameron took her seat at the grand piano, maestro Adam Stern, Seattle Philharmonic Orchestra conductor, lifted his arms, and the magical melodies of Mozart's Piano Concerto 23 in A began. When the third movement concluded, the crowd went wild! Several bouquets of flowers were offered, including flowers from a first violinist who scampered off stage and ran back to present them! There were several curtain calls.

Just before the concert began, the pianist had invited her friend Annie Klein to join her in the concert hall dressing room to pray that God would be glorified in the performance. Klein brought a message from scripture: "Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go" (Joshua 1:9). And He was.

Dameron was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the daughter of Adventist missionaries. She began musical studies at age four. When her parents moved to Portugal, she continued studies at the National Conservatory. She continued formal studies at the Toronto Royal Conservatory of Music and graduated with a bachelor's degree in piano from Walla Walla College and a master's degree in piano from Northern Illinois University.

Now living in the Northwest, she plays for several regional professional groups, including the Seattle Opera, the Seattle Symphony Summer Sings program, the Bellevue Symphony, and now the Seattle Philharmonic. She is about to release her first CD of hymns in which she both plays and sings, supported by several professional musician friends.

Dameron is in constant demand from area churches as a pianist, a vocal soloist, and more recently as a preacher—like her late father. The Adventist churches of Seattle thank God for the ministry of this gifted and spiritual musician.