SVAS Rescue Squad

May 01, 2005 | Lola Lile

The images on TV revealed the catastrophe after the tsunami hit the beaches of India and Asia. Here in snowy, cold Spokane, hearts were touched by the bravery of heroes who helped others survive. But most heart wrenching were the pictures of children lost and abandoned because of the death and destruction all around.

Spokane Valley Adventist School’s (SVAS) seventh- through ninth-grade classes wanted to help. With parents' and teachers' support, they decided to give hot chocolate away on the busy intersection of Sullivan Road and Sprague Avenue. In return, they asked for donations for the tsunami victims.

In a cold and windy two hours, they raised $417.26 for ADRA's tsunami relief efforts. Along with this amount, the eighth-grade class gave $1,500 from funds they had raised for their class trip. This was the kids' idea—just another reason why church school is important for all our children.