Students Serve the Community in Ronan, Montana

The 16 students at Glacier View Adventist Christian School in Ronan, Mont., are involved in a very active program. In addition to the three R's, Marian Baker, teacher and principal, has put together a broad curriculum, which utilizes the skills and talents of volunteers to teach courses like photography and quilting.

The students are also very active in serving others in the community as part of being good citizens. The list of projects they regularly participate in includes:

1. Regular visits to the nursing home to play games and read to the residents, which also includes giving birthday cards.

2. Prayer ministry.

3. Card ministry—these are sent to those who are ill or discouraged and to service people.

4. Help with Share the Spirit gift-giving program for the Christmas season, by assisting with sorting gifts and wrapping.

5. Regular visits to help stock shelves at the Ronan Breadbasket.

6. Participation in the Adopt-a-Highway program.

The church family appreciates the opportunity to read the personal insights written or shared during Bible class at school that find their way into the church bulletin. Such genuine and thoughtful observations from our young church-school students are impressive!

We love our students, and we're thankful for church schools where they can learn to know Jesus.

May 01, 2005 / Montana Conference