Stone Tower Church Takes Evangelism out of the Box

May 01, 2005 | Carl Parker

Not only is the Stone Tower Church one of the most diverse churches in the Oregon Conference, but it also uses diversity in its efforts to reach souls for Christ. In preparation for spring evangelistic meetings, the church began conducting a variety of evangelistic activities aimed at identifying people whose hearts were open to spiritual things.

One of the new approaches used was a paid series of weekly articles about Daniel published in The Oregonian newspaper for six weeks. The series ran from March 3 through April 7. Readers were referred to a Web site,, where they could download study guides on the 12 chapters of Daniel at no cost.

Interestingly, the Web site had a worldwide impact, with a majority of the visitors coming from outside the U.S., including Uruguay, China and Canada. Within the U.S., the Web site received hits from California, Colorado, Virginia, Washington, Massachusetts and several more states in addition to Oregon. Visits to the site total over 2,000.

To culminate the Daniel series, Jacques Doukhan, Andrews University professor of Old Testament Hebrew exegesis and author of nine books, presented a seminar for the local people who responded to the newspaper articles and Web site.

Other outreach activities included concerts by the Cadet Sisters and Ullanda Innocent Palmer. Ullanda's husband, H. Schubert Palmer, M. D., a cardiologist, also participated by giving a presentation at the Community Learning Center.

The evangelistic series, Hope for Today Bible Seminar, will end on May 21. We look forward to many new friendships formed and some baptisms resulting.